Joshua Bowser & Lemia Astarabadi

RaMa Holistic Care exists to support the state of balance within all life through Naam Yoga Therapies, Harmonyum Bio-Metaphysical Healing Therapy, Massage Therapy, Medicinal Grade Essential Essences, Nutrition, Knowledge of the Self and the Laws of Nature through Ancient Mysticism, and Laughter. As we embrace the aspects of ourselves that we are challenged by the most, we are able to move from our own darkness into The Light. Ra, the Solar, Divine Masculine Energy combines with Ma, the Lunar, Divine Feminine Energy to create harmony, healing, happiness, and miracles. Our mission is to serve “The Great Work” with the intention of helping for the greatest good of all. 

Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi are married and committed to Love of Self, Love in marriage, and Love in every thought, emotion, word, action, attitude, and behavior.  We are in an Age where Love and fear are the two choices we face at every moment.  When we choose Love, there is no need for control or power over anyone or anything, and fear cannot exist.  RaMa Holistic Care supports all living BEings in their sovereignty, Divinity, and the choice to accept Love as the Universal Law of Existence.

RaMa Holistic Care Services:

Aromatherapy Consultations & Essences For Self-Healing




Shakti Naam Yoga & Universal Kabbalah Classes, Workshops, & Yoga Teacher Trainings

Birth Doula Services:

Prenatal Naam Yoga

Medicinal Aromatherapy

Birth Plan

Birth Support

Live Music  with

The Conscious Groove:


Live Music Shakti Naam Yoga Classes

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