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  Health Beyond the Crisis:  Protecting You & Your Loved Ones Naturally

When: Sunday, March 21st 2-3pm (PST) & Wednesday, March 24th 6-7pm (PST)

Where:  Naam Yoga LA Zoom Online

What:  One hour FREE Webinar on alternative health and how aromatherapy fights virus' and infectious dis-eases.


Description:  Are you concerned about your health and the health of your family?  Are you someone who is not trusting that a medical solution is 100% the way to go?  COVID-19 is mutating, changing, and shifting every day. As a living entity, nature is wise, conscious, and constantly changing as well. To learn how to heal, grow, and change with ease and grace, we have to turn to the natural world.  Whether it be in minerals, vitamins, vibratory frequency, or the effect of scent on the brain and immune system, essential oils have been known for centuries to help support living beings through any disturbance.  Learn how to utilize them for mental, emotional, and physical protection and strengthening during this pandemic.

Valentine's Day:

Sacred Touch & Aromatherapy Workshop

When:  2 - 3pm (PST) Valentine's Day - Sunday, February 14th, 2021

Where:  RaMa Zoom Online

What:  One hour workshop plus 5 Certified Organic Sacred Scents included

(Cedarwood Atlas, Cinnamon Bark, Sweet Orange, Nutmeg, and Lavandin Grosso)

Cost:  $150 for workshop and essences together (shipping/handling is an extra fee)


Description:  Join Joshua and Lemia in an hour of scent-ual pleasure.  In this workshop, we will explore the art of the Loving Touch.  Whether you are solo or with a partner this Valentine's Day, we will practice various techniques to both sooth and stimulate the body and promote a loving connection to the soul.  With these five Sacred Scents - Cedarwood Atlas, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Sweet Orange, Lavandin Grosso - we will connect with the natural world, anoint ourselves and/or each other, and learn a few dynamic techniques on how to create more joy and happiness through the power of touch.


 NOTE:  For USA Deliveries:  In order to get you the essences on time, please order by February 8th, and make sure to include your full address, email, and phone number on your order form. 

               For Out of USA Deliveries:  Please note that we will have to add additional shipping fees to your order, and there is a chance that you may not receive your essences on time.  Please order as early as possible.

Trinity Essence Series





For every shadow, there is a Light shining on the other side.  The winter months, with the support of the Universal Saturn Period, allow the space for inner transformation and healing.  In this two-hour workshop, we will explore techniques and rituals to release negative thinking, bad dreams, psychic attacks, and dis-ease in order to invoke more health, happiness, positivity, and joy during the darker days of the year.  By working with the essences of Black Spruce, Black Cumin, and Black Pepper, nature will support us in lifting our frequency above these lower vibrations.  Empower yourself with the support of the Plant Kingdom, and learn tools on how to rise above challenges instead of reacting to them.

3 Essential Oils used in this Workshop

Cost: Black Spruce $30

Black Cumin $25

Black Pepper $21

Shipping $10

Total: $86


Workshop Cost: Regular Cost $30 non-members / $25 members

Essences: $86 (includes shipping)




2021 is a year to soar to greater heights and move past the limitations that were presented in 2020. The Plant Kingdom supports our ascension to a higher consciousness and awareness in the transformation that is unfolding for each of us now. We will learn how to work with the essences of Rosemary, Laurel Leaf, and Black Spruce in order to move into our most expansive inner power and go after our most passionate dreams for manifestation.

Learn how to utilize these plant teachers for your greatest health and happiness. The workshop will be broadcast live on Sunday, January 24th from 12:00pm - 2:00pm PST and then available for unlimited replay. This is Trinity Essence Series #6 "Expansion, Fearlessness, & Strength For 2021" Previous workshops are also available in the course listings if you missed any of the series.

3 Essential Oils used in this Workshop

Cost: Laurel Leaf (Turkey) $30

Rosemary (S. Africa) $34

Black Spruce (Canada) $30

Shipping $10

Total: $104 (cost for essences and shipping will be $100)


Workshop Cost: Regular Cost $30 non-members / $25 members

Essences: $100 (includes shipping)



It’s the Universal Jupiter Period and in the US, our yearly Thanksgiving celebration falls in November. This is a time when social activities are centered around food, and a time when some people eat more or eat outside of their ordinary diet. Also, with elections, holidays, and the current global pandemic, we are assimilating our emotions which effect our tummies and how our digestive system functions.

Using the Divine Spiritual Wisdom as taught by Dr. Levry, we can look at digestion in connection to the physical plane, the water element, and our capacity to be Hopeful. In this workshop, we will uncover the deeper meaning behind our relationship to food, our emotions, and the day of the week we were born. Go deeper into the Universal Kabbalah, plant medicine, and our physical connection to the way our bodies digest food and our life experiences in this two-hour online workshop.

We will explore three essences, Plai, May Chang, and Sweet Fennel, and how they can positively affect digestion and assimilation during this very powerful time of year. Join us by purchasing the essences prior to the live course in order to use them during the workshop (see order details below), or simply attend without the oils and receive the information and wisdom we will share. We look forward to a wonderful time together!

Workshop Cost: Workshop $21/members or $30/non-members (without essences)

Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Materials Cost: $127 with tax and shipping fees included. To receive your essences in time for the live workshop, place order by November 18th by emailing Lemia at

This workshop takes place online and will be live on November 29th at 12pm-2pm PST.

After that the unlimited replay will be available.



Experience a hands-on class with Lemia and Joshua, two teachers who have dedicated their lives to teaching and sharing plant medicine and the practical application in harmony with the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Naam meditations.


For this online workshop you will be shipped three Sacred Scents (Certified Organic, hand-poured, mantra-infused, 15 ml bottles of medicinal aromatherapy), taught how to apply them to the body, and shown how to work with these natural teachers to boost the immune system, uplift the emotions, fortify the major systems of the body, and increase oxygenation of the cells on a physical level.


You will smell and feel the emotional and psychological effects of each plant teacher and have time to reflect and discuss how these plant guides can support us through challenging times on all levels.


In addition to the practical use and application of aromatherapy, you will be guided to discover the hidden spiritual meanings behind the disturbances we experience and how to beneficially work on the unseen levels that control our health and wellbeing with the support and guidance of the natural world.


Essences we will be working with: Sacred Thieves Blend, Sweet Orange, Fir Balsam



Course Only Members $21, Non-Members $30

Add the 3 Essences Cost for essences + shipping $90. Order directly from Sacred Scents Aromatherapy.

Please email to order and purchase your essences.

Are you looking to add to your knowledge and go over personal questions in a follow-up consultation?

You can add a private one hour consultation to your workshop.

Select Course + Private Consultation: Members $121, Non-Members $130




To maintain our health and physical strength, we have to make sure that we take care of the Immune System, the Glandular System, and the blood. These are what are called the “Three Lines of Defense”. In this 2-hour online workshop, learn how to incorporate essential oils into your health routine to support wellness on all levels. The essences of Certified Organic Black Cumin Seed, Clary Sage, and Black Pepper are great supporters and energetic boosters for the three lines of defense.

Learn how to utilize these plant teachers for your greatest health and happiness. The workshop will be broadcast live on Sunday, September 6th at 2:00pm - 4:00pm PDT and then available for unlimited replay. This is Trinity Essence Series #3 "The Three Lines of Defense with Sacred Scents." Previous workshops are also available in the course listings if you missed any of the series.

3 Essential Oils used in this Workshop

Black Cumin Seed

Clary Sage

Black Pepper


IMPORTANT: To order essences please email Lemia at by August 24th in order to receive in time for the live workshop. They will be shipped to you. Cost for materials plus shipping is $100 and will be handled directly between the student and Lemia from Sacred Scents Aromatherapy.



Join us for a two-hour workshop on healing the emotional heart through medicinal aromatherapy. We will explore the areas of forgiveness, emotional balance, and happiness with the Certified Organic essences of Hyssop, Pink Grapefruit, and Rosemary. During this Universal Moon Period and time of pandemic, the waters of our subconscious self are in high tide. Learn how to work with these three essences as a support network for positive change. Join us with all three essences by registering one week in advance so that they can be shipped to you in time for the workshop. Anyone can join the workshop without having to purchase the essences.

3 Essential Oils:

  •              Hyssop

  • Pink Grapefruit

  •          Rosemary


To Enroll in Course: Click Enroll and select Member Pricing $21 or Non-Member $30. You will have access to this workshop live and by replay.

IMPORTANT TO READ: To Order Materials: Send cost of the 3 essences + shipping ($100) by PayPal to Sacred Scents Aromatherapy and email with your name and shipping address. Order by June 9th to assure you will have in time for the live workshop on the 14th.



Join Joshua and Lemia in this 2-hour workshop of health tips and powerful plant teachers to strengthen the immune system, fight against viral infections, and fortify the lungs. With the Divine Spiritual Wisdom of health and wellness, mudra therapy, and nature’s plant wisdom, we can feel confident with our abilities to keep our bodies and minds in harmony with these changing times. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what causes dis-eases, and utilize ancient techniques in order to be strong and protected by your own body and the support of the natural world. This workshop includes lecture and a meditation. All essences must be purchased outside of the workshop.


We will explore 18 essences as Immune System boosters. 

Reach out to if you are interested in purchasing them through Sacred Scents Aromatherapy.

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