Divine Spiritual Wisdom Classes

Learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom 

Enter the rabbit hole of truth through self-understanding and the Laws of Nature in our Divine Spiritual Wisdom series.  We offer several deep and profound class series' that dive into the Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  To learn more, reach out to us.

Available for private individual or group classes.

Current Classes


As we approach the end of one year, we are letting go of what was in order to embrace what can be.  The New Year of 2022 holds the potential of our greatest dreams and visions unfolding.  In order to manifest, we have to be clear on what it is we want and what it is that we don’t want.  In this 8-week program, we will offer a simple, yet profound healing journey in order to bring intentions of forgiveness, inner vision, and clarity for a new plan on how we wish to move forward with our lives.  Working with the 5 elements, aromatherapy, breath work, meditation, journaling, and dream-boarding, we will take a soul journey into our process of healing and creating. 

1st 12 Days


The first 12 days of the New Year sets the blueprint for the entire year.  Join us for 30-minutes a day for the first 12 days of the year to tap into the healing and beneficial vibrations of each day, plant medicine to support each month of the year, and time and space to set intentions and create a vision for the year, one month at a time.

Events + Workshops

FREE Webinar: Health Beyond the Crisis:  Protecting You & Your Loved Ones Naturally

When: Sunday, July 18th, 1-3pm (PST)


Where:  RaMa Holistic Care Zoom Online

What:  One hour FREE Webinar on alternative health and how aromatherapy fights virus' and infectious dis-eases.


Description:  Are you concerned about your health and the health of your family?  Are you someone who is not trusting that a medical solution is 100% the way to go?  COVID-19 is mutating, changing, and shifting every day. As a living entity, nature is wise, conscious, and constantly changing as well. To learn how to heal, grow, and change with ease and grace, we have to turn to the natural world.  Whether it be in minerals, vitamins, vibratory frequency, or the effect of scent on the brain and immune system, essential oils have been known for centuries to help support living beings through any disturbance.  Learn how to utilize them for mental, emotional, and physical protection and strengthening during this pandemic.

Live Your Truth Course

Ancient Wisdom, Numerology, Planets, Angels, & More

Enroll in this empowering course that will transform your life and shift your energy from fate to destiny.


This Course Includes:

  • Learn the ancient mysticism of health, relationships, career, and happiness.

  • Mudras, mantras, numerology, planetary information, health tips, meditation practice, energetic practices.

  • Empower yourself to know what to do, where to do it, how to do it, when to do it, and who to do it with.

  • Learn the mathematics of spirituality and laws that govern nature and all living beings on Earth.

  • Practice techniques and apply them to your everyday life in order to create positive change.


This empowering course is based on knowing thyself.  When one truly understands who they are, there is self-love, compassion, and inner peace that supports a happier and healthier life.  This is a course on understanding how to utilize the forces of nature, the breath, one’s own voice, and the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth to create a platform for success and happiness on all levels of one’s consciousness. 


In this course, you will learn:

Meditation techniques, breath techniques, mudra therapy, mantra therapy, the Laws of Nature, ancient mysticism, and many practical spiritual tools to support health and happiness.  Once you graduate from this course, you will be able to help yourself and others with this timeless wisdom.  The Truth shall set us free!

5 Areas of Focus:

Health:  7 Creative Planets & Your Health

               What is health and how can I remain healthy?

               Techniques to help with addiction, cravings, and weight loss

               Changing Brains – The 3 Brains & How To Move Energy When You Feel Stuck


Career:  What determines success?

               The 7 Creative Planets & Career

               Challenges that come from planetary forces in a job/career

               How to optimize brain function

               Stress Management


Love Relationships:  What is Love? 

               The 7 Creative Planets & Love

               Planetary Influences on Your Relationships

               Overcoming Relationship Problems

               Uranus & Neptune in regards to Love

               Timing for a Successful Love Relationship

               Soulmates vs. Karmic Partnerships/Body of Pain

               The Law of the Triangle

               Soulmates & Communication

               Bringing Out the Best in Your Love Relationship


Happiness & Spirit:  What is meditation?

               Sound Therapy/Benefits of Meditation

               Building Your Own Practice

               Benefits of Sound Meditation/Length of Meditation & Healing Benefits



               Chanting Up The Scale

               Triple Mantra

               Power of Positivity

               Mudra Therapy, The Elements, The 7 Creative Planets, & How To Use The Hands For Healing

               The Power of the Breath for Healing/3 Point Breath/The Complete Yogic Breath

               Conscious Relaxation Exercise

Investment:  $600 (payment plans available)




Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training

Training Dates Available Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

For Private Divine Spiritual Learning

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