Join Lemia Astarabadi & Joshua Bowser and Sacred Scents Aromatherapy every Monday at 12:00-12:30pm PST to explore the uses and application of a different plant teacher every week. Each plant and tree expresses their strengths and healing properties in their own unique way. Learn how to use certified organic and wild-harvested plant essences and nut oils for self-care, harmony, and wellness. As we open our hearts to nature, nature opens its capacity to serve us infinitely. Explore a variety of teachers in the Plant Kingdom and develop a relationship with the natural world for balance on all levels.

In this 30 minute weekly class, you will receive facts, folklore, history, and usage of a different plant teacher every week.  We will show you how to use each plant essence medicinally to maximize receiving the benefits, and take the time to sit with each one and receive the messages they have to share.  Below are a list of essences we are discussing in this class.  We look forward to seeing you on Mondays!


Monday's 12:00pm - 12:30pm PDT 





Essential Oils for January                    

 1.  Ravensara Aromatica

 2.  Vetiver   

 3.  Cassia Bark

 4.  Rosehip Seed

 5.  Lemon Eucalyptus                      


Essential Oils for February                                                                      

 1.  Rose Geranium

 2.  Turmeric

 3.  Bergamot

 4.  Cedarwood Atlas

Essential Oils for March 

 1.  Carrot Seed

 2.  Calamus Root

 3.  Lawson Cypress

 4.  Mace

 5.  White Mugwort

Essential Oils for April:

 1.  Ylang Ylang

 2.  Fir Balsam

 3.  May Chang

 4.  Cinnamon Bark

Essential Oils for May

1.  Blue Hemlock Spruce

2.  Bulgarian Lavender

3.  Greek Sage

4.  Tarragon

Essential Oils for June

1.  Cornmint

2.  Spanish Marjoram

3.  White Fir

4.  Pink Grapefruit

5.  Buddha Wood

Essential Oils for July

1.  Sugandha Kokila

2.  Spanish Sage

3.  Cinnamon Leaf

4.  Black Pepper

Essential Oils for August

1.  Eucalyptus Blue Gum

2.  Winter Savory

3.  Moroccan Thyme

4.  Lemongrass

5.  Wintergreen

Essential Oils for September

1.  Eucalyptus Blue Mallee

2.  True Sage

3.  Tea Tree

4.  Spearmint

Essential Oils for October

1.  Mediterranean Cypress

2.  Red Rose

3.  Ho Sho

4.  Citronella

Essential Oils for November

1.  True Eucalyptus

2.  Ancient Blend

3.  Laurel Leaf

4.  Rosewood Leaf

Essential Oils for December

1.  Lavandin Grosso

2.  Juniper Berry

3.  Clary Sage

4.  Terebinth