Find Your Inner Happiness:

Course for Transformation


This empowering course is based on knowing thyself.  When one truly understands who they are, there is self-love, compassion, and inner peace that supports a happier and healthier life.  This is a course on understanding how to utilize the forces of nature, the breath, one’s own voice, and the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth to create a platform for success and happiness on all levels of one’s consciousness. 


In this course, you will learn:

Meditation techniques, breath techniques, mudra therapy, mantra therapy, the Laws of Nature, Divine Spiritual Wisdom, and many practical spiritual tools to support health and happiness.

4 Areas of Focus:

Health:  7 Creative Planets & Your Health

               What is health and how can I remain healthy?

               Techniques to help with addiction, cravings, and weight loss

               Changing Brains – The 3 Brains & How To Move Energy When You Feel Stuck


Career:  What determines success?

               The 7 Creative Planets & Career

               Challenges that come from planetary forces in a job/career

               How to optimize brain function

               Stress Management


Love Relationships:  What is Love? 

               The 7 Creative Planets & Love

               Planetary Influences on Your Relationships

               Overcoming Relationship Problems

               Uranus & Neptune in regards to Love

               Timing for a Successful Love Relationship

               Soulmates vs. Karmic Partnerships/Body of Pain

               The Law of the Triangle

               Soulmates & Communication

               Bringing Out the Best in Your Love Relationship


Happiness & Spirit:  What is meditation?

               Sound Therapy/Benefits of Meditation

               Building Your Own Practice

               Benefits of Sound Meditation/Length of Meditation & Healing Benefits

               Chanting Up The Scale

               Triple Mantra

               Power of Positivity

               Mudra Therapy, The Elements, The 7 Creative Planets, & How To Use The

   Hands For Healing

   The Power of the Breath for Healing/3 Point Breath/The Complete Yogic Breath

   Conscious Relaxation Exercise








Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training Level 1

Private Courses Led by Lemia Astarabadi and Joshua Bowser

Natural Remedies with the highest impact. 


There are so many natural systems that take care of your health.  Why is this course so important at this time?  The potency of pure essential oils is like no other plant medicine.  One drop of essential oils is equal to an ounce of dry plant product.  Scent directly effects the memory center of the brain and impacts our past traumas and mental & emotional blocks in order to break through everything in the way between one and one's health and happiness.  The Laws of Nature help us navigate through the seen world with the gifts of the unseen world.  Combined, this course empowers you to take your healing journey into your own hands and feel empowered to know how to help yourself and others in these changing times.  Anointing with essential oils is an ancient practice set aside for royalty and the most "holy" in order to create sacred space, heal, bring peace and comfort, to show reverence for the Divine, and as a symbol of consecration.  In today's society, we have moved away from pure essential oils to the modern trend of aromatherapy for scent and perfumery.  This course takes us back to the original medicine on the planet, nature.

Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training is a one-of-a-kind training that combines the wisdom of Divine Spiritual Wisdom as taught by Dr. Levry with the essential oils of Sacred Scents Aromatherapy to support health, harmony and a vibratory shift in consciousness.  Led by Naam Yoga Teachers & Trainers and Master Aromatherapists, Lemia Astarabadi and Joshua Bowser, this training course is a deep connection from the soul of the Earth to the heart of the being.  As we listen, observe, and experience nature alive and working with us hand in hand, we are able to go deeper into the Truth which is the Light that guides one toward self-healing.

This course is designed to teach about the origin, history, usage, safety, and healing properties of essential oils, as well as the application techniques, major meridians, organ systems, basic reflect points, and elements of the body.  The intention of the course is to empower each individual to understand the seed of dis-ease and how to shift the mind, emotions, speech, attitudes, and actions with the support of the Plant Kingdom and the Divine Spiritual Wisdom for optimal self healing.  We will dive deeply into the seven creative planets, numerology, the cycles of the year, and the essences that support the life journey for optimal health and wellness based on one's birth date.  When one experiences transformation on a personal level, one is ready to help others to do the same.  This training course is rich with information, experience, wisdom, and intuitive connection to be the bridge between the plant and human families.  When you are ready to go deep inward for healing and exploration of the self, the natural world, and the Laws of Nature, then this is the perfect course for you.


In this 30-hour course, you will:

*Experience, smell, and work with a variety of seed, root, bark, resin, branch, leaf, flower, and fruit essences from around the world.
*Learn and practice various ways of anointing while learning the foundations of how to utilized plant medicine for self-healing.
*Apply ancient mysticism of Universal Kabbalah to the application and usage of plant essences for health and wellness.

*Learn the planetary influences that cause certain ailments to present themselves in each individual and how to use medicinal aromatherapy to address various imbalances and disharmonies.
*Debunk the fears around aromatherapy usage for wellness, and develop a personal relationship and connection with the natural world.
*Introduction to a variety of systems (Chinese Medicine, Egyptian Reflexology, Cosmic Astrology, Doctrine of Signatures, The Chakra System) to map the body in order to support self-healing on all levels.
*Explore the cycles of nature as well as our own cycles within a week, a year, and in our lifetime in order to determine the plant essences to use, and how we can strengthen our mental, emotional, and physical health with this wisdom.
*Experience different ways to apply the essences to your personal health and wellness program.
*Learn from each plant spirit through meditation, physical practice, and attuning to their sacred scents throughout the course.


Course Hours and Times: (Subject to change)

Course Duration:  May 21, 2021 - June 27th, 2021

Course Meeting Days/Times:

    Friday 6-8pm

    Saturday & Sunday 2-6pm 

3 Weekends (May 21- May 23, June 4 - June 6, June 25 - June 27)


CEU's will soon be available for Massage Therapy, and Nursing programs.  Your certification for CEU's will be available retrograde if not by graduation day.  


This Course Includes:

  • Anointing with over 50 essences

  • Breath work and meditations

  • Practical information and knowledge of essential oils, aromatherapy, carrier oils, hydrolats, and blends

  • Study of the human body, systems, meridians, reflex points, and the mind-body connection of ailments and emotional disharmony and the essences that support wellness

  • Information on pregnancy, babies, animals, and the elderly and how to use aromatherapy safely and effectively

  • A Reference Guide, Course Manual/Study Guide for Naam Sacred Scents

  • Online Course includes 1ml bottle of all 50+ essences that will be experienced in the course, and small hydrolat samples of the flower water taught in the course.


PRIVATE ONLINE COURSES AVAILABLE - Email for more information on available dates and times.



Graduation = Present for all 30-Hours of Coursework, 3 Practice Private Consultation Sessions Outside of Class +  Forms Completed, Complete a Questionnaire after a 40-day Personal Experience with an Essence of Your Choice, Complete a Course Feedback Form, and Course Tuition Paid in Full.

Upon completion of the Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training, you will receive 15% off of all essential oils and hydrolats purchased through Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, you will receive a Certificate and offered 30-CEU hours for Massage Therapy and Nursing Programs upon graduation of this course (we are in the process of becoming certified through our current courses, and all students will have retrograde CEU's once we are approved).

Come and join us for a powerful and transformational journey deep into the heart of nature and the laws that govern it.  No previous experience required.

Current Class Dates:

(Subject to change)


Spring 2021

Spring Dates For 2021:
May 21 - June 27, 2021


Oceanside, CA (3 Students Live) &

Zoom Online Platform


Friday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturday/Sunday 2:00pm - 6:00pm



Fall 2021

Fall Dates For 2021:
September 10 - October 10, 2021


Oceanside, CA (3 Students Live) &

Zoom Online Platform


Friday 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Saturday/Sunday 2:00pm - 6:00pm