Learning with RaMa

We have spent the last few decades learning how to heal ourselves.  Come and receive practical knowledge and wisdom in the areas that you feel connected to on your journey to health and happiness.  We are honored to share and we are always learning and growing ourselves.  We don't claim to have all of the answers, but we have many powerful tools to share with you that are effective and practical.  Let's make self-healing a priority so that we can be the positive change we all desire on this sacred Earth.

Spiritual Teachings

Tools/ types of teavhings avalible for private consultation

Take a journey through the Tree of Life with us!  Online Zoom sessions available now!

Combines the wisdom of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom with the power of Sacred Scents Aromatherapy to heal, harmonize and raise  our consciousness.

This is the first course of the Naam Yoga Teacher Training.  Join us for this 30-hour, life-changing, heart-expanding experience and embody the foundational wisdom of Naam Yoga Therapies and Divine Spiritual Wisdom.

Sacred Scents AromatherapyTraining:

Spring & Fall Dates 2021, and Winter Date 2022

Open For Registration

Teacher Certificates

Part of the holistic health care community and want to expand your teachings practices in order to spread more love to your clients. The following collection of classes below are taught by RaMa and designed to ............