Mystic Medicine Circle

What is a Mystic Medicine Circle?

Please join soul and sacred sound musicians, Shakti Naam Yoga teachers, and advanced Aromatherapists, Joshua and Lemia, for a unique two-hour workshop journey into the heart of the inner mystic.  Experience nature through medicinal aromatherapy, connect to energies guiding your primary planet, vibrate the Naam with your own unique and healing voice, and receive vibrational healing through ancient indigenous sounds of the gong, crystal didgeridoo, crystal singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowls, and the Native American Flute.  This sensory experience is a guided journey into remembering your strengths and empowering you to align to the highest frequencies available for health, Love, abundance, and joy.  This workshop includes sacred plant and tree essence anointing, wisdom of the Laws of Nature, live music, sound bath, mantra meditation, and so much LOVE!

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Mystic Medicine Circle

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