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2020 One

Two zero two zero came and is going,

Sighing relief, our gratitude is overflowing.

We were asked to change and shift our lives,

The level, however, is one for the archives.

The 20 brought about historic "Judgement",

The truth fighting evil to be triumphant.

A virus manifested for humanity,

The selfish behaviors of insanity.

Waking up the sleeping dead,

Telling Truth to those who were misled.

Now we face a new year ahead,

It's time to come together and break bread.

It's the 21 and "The World" is limitless,

Time to tap into our Divine omnipotence.

Seeing a greater purpose and higher vision,

Rising above with a conscious decision.

Using our will to overcome the challenge,

Finding new ways to create more balance.

Living the dream created from Love,

Feeling the support from angels above.

Being a part of this new wave of kindness,

Opening eyes instead of choosing blindness.

Speaking up for what's right and true,

Volunteering and always following through.

Getting involved because we care,

Putting positivity back in the air.

Deep breaths of Light to shift the climate,

Emotional waters not raging, but quiet.

Fairness, equality, harmony, and peace,

Inner and outer wars begin to cease.

It's a new year and a 5 instead of a 4,

Learn from the past, and then shut the door.

The lessons learned will help us explore,

It's time to heal, get strong, and restore.

We have work to do on broken soil,

Running efficiently, not a life of toil.

Honoring all living beings as One,

Working hard and having fun.

Balance is the key in moving ahead,

Putting the greater good first now instead.

Each of us has a new year to embrace,

True to Love with everyone and everyplace.

Authentic and pure hearts come together,

Like birds that flock of the same feather.

Seeing the Creator in everything and all,

Living Angles are here to answer the call.

Go inside and seek the master within,

This is where the spiritual work will begin.

Listening, observing, and staying neutral,

Love in learning can be so fruitful.

This is the year to heal and shine,

Set your goals, rise up, and align,

You can do anything - you are Divine!

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