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A Devil In The Details...

Sun so brilliant, illuminating nature,

Bright skies reflecting the Love of Creator.

Grateful for the grace that's unfolding now,

Every moment so blessed when we allow.

Turning away from the brilliance of Light,

There is a shadow darker than the night.

Equally brilliant in depth and in wisdom,

Void of sight, darkness seeks inner vision.

Although we say these forces are separate,

Yin and Yang are like Sunrise and Sunset.

One allows the other to exist,

Without both, neither would persist.

Don't run from the Devil, darkness is Love,

It's the Creators shadow of the Light above.

When that shadow can be fully embraced,

Fears are exposed, healed, and erased.

An opportunity to grow to greater heights,

Deeper healing manifests brilliant Light.

No shame, no fear, no blame, it's clear,

Challenges create a platform to persevere.

All energies birthing from the same source,

Light and dark equal in power and force.

Approach the shadow of distorted vision,

With mindfulness to make a good decision.

Look at obscurity with understanding,

Choosing Love as a sanctuary for landing.

An opportunity to confront the Self to heal,

Releasing it or going deeper to reveal.

Approach those powerful spaces inside,

Don't allow the soul spirit to hide.

We are made of both sides of duality,

Beyond sex, race, color, and nationality.

Loving all aspects of self completely

Expanding in self-understanding deeply.

The Light and the dark both reveal,

This lifetime is an opportunity to heal.

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