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A Thin Veil Into The Unseen...

The 35th week of the year aligns with the frequency of Saturn, and the expression of Strength in understanding bigger Truths. Each of us has our karma and it comes in to bless us in moments of redirection. When you live a life with good intentions, devotion, service, and Love, then the Universe intervenes to support your mission. Just like we can never visibly see the "Dark Side of the Moon" from the Earth, we cannot see what happens on the other side of closed doors in physical plane either. There is a visible Truth, and there is an invisible Truth. Spirit presents these scenarios to us by allowing us to experience both sides of the coin. The Divine Grace presents the moments when these "unseen decisions" can become visible to those who were never meant to "see". These blessed moments happen all of the time in criminal cases, relationships, and businesses. Be grateful for the Truths that become revealed to you, no matter how painful they may be to understand. Saturn's karmic unveiling can feel harsh and rash, but in the end, the Truth will ultimately set us free.

The seen world is a gift and a beautiful experience to have as a human, but the true magic is in the unseen world. We as physical beings are blessed with small glimpses of the unseen world. Science says that we use our sense of vision to perceive 80% of all of the information we receive. The eyes themselves can only see about 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that the majority of the perceptions that we hold are based on not very much actual Truth. What if you were to find out the Truth? Would you accept it? Are you prepared to hear it? In all of the hot topics between humans, other countries, and health and freedom, there is a real Truth and there is a Truth for the masses to be fed. We see this in our micro-communities like our families, neighborhoods, jobs, and spiritual groups. Those at the very top can see a greater scope of the Truths that are more limited for those at the bottom. Be grateful when Spirit intervenes and allows you to see with the eyes of a greater perception, and understand that nothing...absolutely NOTHING happens by chance.

After two Full Moons in the Saturnian month of August, we are all feeling the dust settle from mass movement and change. Take some deep breaths, remember what you are blessed with in your current reality, and dream big! This is a beautiful time of unfolding and releasing. It may feel shocking or intense in the beginning, but when you are a star traveler, you have the wings and strength to soar to amazing new heights. These next two weeks provide a valuable opportunity to let go, release, and forgive during the Waning Moon. Your heart is the most important guide toward your destiny. Never allow another person or situation to pull you away from that shining Light within. Forgiveness is a key piece to creating a magical new beginning in your life. When the heart is Light and clear of all anger and resentment, then the green energy of abundance, prosperity, and Love has a chance to shine brilliantly and manifest exactly what you need. Wane with the Moon, let go, and prepare your garden for a wonderful Fall harvest! September is going to be filled with so much magic!

We have an entire new online wellness schedule in September through RaMa Holistic Care. Check it out each week, and join us in practicing and growing together with the power of Love! We are here for EVERYONE. Should you wish to join something and you need financial assistance, please reach out. Where there is a will, there is always a way. We can work with you to create a plan that works for your situation. Communication is key, and we have the gifts of Mercury on our side. Let's embrace the creativity of the Universe and find ways to work together for the highest and greatest good of all.

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