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Aromatherapy Share: Essences That Support Healing The Subconscious Mind...

The subconscious mind is the inner world that holds our true beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Most people are completely unaware of it, even though it is one of the most important aspects of who we are. We access this inner world automatically when we dream. Imbalances in our emotions is released through our dreams, and we also explore how we feel there too. In order to access the subconscious, we have to open ourselves to a more vulnerable part of the inner mind. Our three favorite essences that help this process of revealing and healing the subconscious mind are True Basil, White Mugwort, and Niaouli MQV.

True Basil is the "Herb of Kings" that helps to calm the mind, sedate the body, and heal the memory centers of the brain. She helps one to access the subconscious mind, work on forgiveness, shine the Light on new perspectives, shift old patterns, release addictions, and connect to the inner emotions. Anointing 5-10 drops onto the bottoms of the feet before meditation and sleep will help one to work with the subconscious mind and let go of what is no longer serving us there.

White Mugwort is a perennial shrub known for her support of the inner journey of awakening, and nurturing the subconscious, intuitive, and lunar energies within. She is associated with dreaming and Divination. White Mugwort helps to enhance our dreams, develop a relationship with our inner Light, and bridge the dream world with our awakened experience. Anoint 5-10 drops onto the palm of the hand and dab it onto the 3rd eye, nape of the neck, and heart for subconscious healing and awakening. Also, anoint White Mugwort onto areas of stagnation, where energy is needing to move. She is the amazing and powerful remover of blocks in our body, mind, and spirit.

Niaouli MQV is a gentle, yet very powerful flower essences used for immune support. She works deeply to clean and clear darkness from the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Niaouli MQV helps to heal the inner child, subconscious memories of pain and trauma, and psychic attacks. She helps to bring a new perspective so we are able to surrender to our life lessons and receive them. By releasing the pain of the past, she supports feeling Loved and believing in our abundant life in order to manifest dreams on the physical plane. Anointing 5-10 drops onto the heart three times a day will help one to heal the subconscious mind, let go of toxic energies, and manifest a new perspective that serves our highest purpose.

Layer all three together or use independently, and allow the subconscious mind to release the heaviness of the past in order to bring in the Light of an abundant and joyful life today. Energy follows intention, so always set one before anointing and ask the angels for support on this powerful healing journey of the heart.

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