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Aromatherapy Share: Freedom Through Trust with Blue Hemlock Spruce...

Blue Hemlock Spruce is our "grandmother tree" spirit from Canada. She is a conifer tree that grows tall and wide, but is known to have the smallest needles and cones. This goes along with the idea that great big things come in little packages. Blue Hemlock Spruce bark, needles, and roots were used by Native Americans for various ailments, and she was known for her high amounts of Vitamin C to boost immunity.

As an ancient tree, Blue Hemlock Spruce has lifetimes of wisdom within her medicine. She has understood the idea of sinking her roots in deeply in order to soar even higher. This powerful tree teaches us how to find true freedom through trusting ourselves, going deep within, and laying down the foundation of Love through the power of commitment. By committing to ourselves, we are building our self-confidence and personal stability that then trickles out to other areas of our lives. These strengths help us to deepen both our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others. All of our stress, anxiety, fear, and worries dissolve, and all we have left is self-Love and self-Trust. Spruce trees are known to represent eternal life, and this one is no different. Blue Hemlock Spruce gives us the undying strength, Love, and self-Trust that offers us freedom to simply be.


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