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Aromatherapy Share: Gentle Compassion of Leleshwa...

Leleshwa is our "African Wild Sage" from Kenya. She is a small shrub with soft leaves and "cotton" seed pods that help to keep bugs away. She supports restful sleep, wards away darkness, and calms us enough to enter deeper states of consciousness.

This hardy bush is what larger animals like wild rhino's and buffalo rub up against for skin issues. This shows how hardy and strong she truly is. At the same time, she has soft leaves and cotton seeds that bring out her more gentle, soft side of her compassion. This amazing essence helps to release the reactive, animal side so that we are able to forgive and let go of the past. Her ability to eliminate of the "bugs" in our lives also shows how she helps us to release what may be getting "under our skin" emotionally. Leleshwa is a peace maker, meditative aid, and calming agent. When we are ready to detach, surrender, and let go, she is right there with her tenderness, ushering in the good vibes. Allow your lower self to dissolve, and invite in Leleshwa to help you bring Love, compassion, kindness, and a gentle will into the New Year.

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