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Autumn Shifts & Fall Transformation...

One of the four most powerful and transformational times of the year, the Autumn Equinox, falls on the 39th week of the year. This week brings the expansive energies of Jupiter to help support positive change with good luck and abundance. Equinox signifies a time of balance between Light and Dark, and the appreciation of both. It is also a powerful time of harvesting what has been seeded throughout the earlier parts of the year. This manifests as the effect of the cause that has been initiated by you this year for your highest and greatest good. Think back to the New Year and what you were contemplating and desiring to create back in January. What you see in your life now is the effect of that cause. If it is not what you desire, then this is the time to re-evaluate the situation and create a new plan. If it is what you want, then this is a time to receive all of the abundance from the seeds you have planted. Much like the leaves on the trees that are changing colors and shedding, we have an opportunity to shed the past and embrace something new.

Nothing in our lives have happened by mistake. This change of seasons brings a culmination of past lessons in order to "break through" to the new. Nature teaches the blessing of endings. It is the end of a cycle and part of the journey where we can see things for what they really are, and start to face the shadow of what we once only saw as Light. The second half of the year is the waning of the Sun and descending into darkness. Just as we embraced the sunny side of our existence, it is equally important to embrace our shadow. What we resist, persists; therefore, it is imperative that we face any pain or challenge that we have had, and experience it for what it is. It is also important to not wear our suffering like a cloak wherever we go, but to move through it and let it go. Every time we choose to experience and move through our duality in order to learn and grow, it gives us the strength to release it and rise above it.

Allow the bountiful seeds of magic to be harvested in this blessed Fall season. Take a moment to check in and contemplate where you are in the game of life. Unplug from the outer devices and plug into the all-knowing heart of Love. Close your eyes, and contemplate the wisdom that this Fall season has to share with you. It is time for a new beginning, and an allowing of the past to fall away in order to makes space for great blessings to enter. Leave the past behind and fall into Love with your life! This is the true blessing of living abundantly.

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