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Of all the things that we can aspire to be,

Inspiring others is a three out of three.

We all need hope and an example of good,

Someone who is free from falsehood.

We look to each other when we feel down,

Inspiration to rise, and not to drown.

Examples of how things become possible,

Believing that Love is truly unstoppable.

Rising from the ash of the darkest night,

Surrendering to the radiance of the brightest Light.

Hearing the stories of how people overcame,

Accountability, owning up, and demolishing blame.

Watching the underdog win it all,

Standing again after a hard fall.

Having the courage to admit ones mistakes,

Knowing when to stop and applying the brakes.

Speaking up and standing up for what is right,

Never giving up when it's the right kind of fight.

Being humble in the eyes of all who witness,

The betterment of humanity at the top of one's business.

Helping to serve all of those in need,

Never questioning a chance to share a good deed.

Respecting all life and caring for the planet,

Not taking the Earth's resources for granted.

Goodness in the midst of any adversity,

Celebrating our oneness and global diversity.

Inspire yourself and be the best person you can be,

By doing your best, the entire world will see,

That goodness exists in both you and in me.

There is so much beauty, kindness, and Love,

People want to do what's right when push comes to shove.

So why not wake up each day and inspire,

Pushing others up so we can all go higher?

We are one and we all will rise up in sync,

We are much more connected than most humans think.

Reflections of each other and our great ancestors,

The work we do now makes us spiritual investors.

Be an inspiration to the world and to all,

As infinite souls, we are here to answer the call.

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