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Common Ground Is Fertile Soil

Our success comes from how well we can work together. Our super power as a HUman-KIND is in finding our common ground and working together for a greater purpose. We have so many amazing causes to support on the planet, and the energy we bring together with our hearts can resolve any and all perceived problems. Each of us has a responsibility to restore harmony inside in order to come together in harmony outside. It takes work to go into the heart every day and reconcile the past, forgive, let go, and heal trauma and pain. Those who are willing to do that work have more compassion for others. When you can face the darkest part of your soul and invite in Love, so much healing can manifest. The truth is that each of us casts a shadow from our Light. No being is without flaw, and everyone has something that they are not proud of. The very thing that we think sets us apart from each other is what links us together as one. Our imperfections fit together like a perfect puzzle. Each of us has a deficit that the other can fill. Together we are a super BEing that can do everything possible. Why would we fear uniting to manifest endless blessings? We are in a time of softening. We are in an Age of the Feminine, water, flow, cooling, going inward, intuition, and community. We are moving away from the Age of the Masculine, fire, destruction, heat, projecting outward, action, and power. When we can be resilient to our present reality, work together, and bring Love into everything we do, say, think, feel, and believe in moving forward, we can create positive change for our planet, relationships, health, career, and happiness. We are manifesting duality in order to create positive changes. We are being asked to go deeper than we have been willing to go in the past. What will it take to go to those deep, dark places to Light up Truth and understanding? What is our breaking point as a society for positive change? It is and has always been an inside job, so each of us must answer this question for ourselves. We are in it together. We are equal, we are family, and we are eternally connected. The only way to rise is together. May we open our hearts to this reality and come together more and more. Each day is a new day in our book of life. Let us create a novel of Unity, Love, Peace, and Oneness!

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