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Crystal of the Month: Ametrine...

Ametrine is a combination of Citrine and Amethyst that occurs both as a crystalline and a massive form. This beautiful and powerful crystal is a harmonizer between the physical and spiritual self. It is a Universal balancer of yin and yang, or female and male qualities and properties. Ametrine is used to achieve higher states of consciousness and attune to peace, tranquility, and cooperation. This stone clears the aura of darkness, and stabilizes the cavities or voids with Light energy. It is calming and clearing when feeling anxious, stressed out, or tense. Ametrine helps to release trauma and painful memories while rebuilding confidence. It has the power to release negative energy, ill-wishes, psychic attacks, and paranormal intrusions. This stone activates serenity, stimulates creativity, and balances and stabilizes mental faculties. For the physical body, Ametrine can be used to stabilize and/or correct the RNA/DNA structures as well as oxygenate the entire body. One can wear it, hold it, or place it in a pocket or purse throughout the day for healing support. Ametrine can be placed onto the body during self-healing practices to get rid of negative energy.


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