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Crystal of the Month: Black Onyx...

Black Onyx crystal is a type of chalcedony that both cleanses and charges one's energy body. It is a stone that supports the absorption of the beneficial forces of health and harmony while encouraging happiness and good luck. Emotionally, Black Onyx helps to clear depression, grief, and sorrow, and helps to promote discipline, self-control, and better decision-making. It helps to align one to the middle path and center one in their connection to their highest and greatest good. Mentally, Black Onyx is said to activate the soul memory that allows one to see their own duality and bring balance to the polarities that have manifested dis-harmony. By receiving this higher wisdom and being open to the truths that are revealed, one can become the master of their own destiny. Physically, Black Onyx is good for bone marrow disorders, foot problems, and soft tissue disharmonies. It helps one to let go of negativity and clear the shadows of false perceptions in order to promote self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-Love.

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