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Crystal of the Month: Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline forms in vertically striated crystals. They have been used by Shamanic African, Native American, and Aboriginal tribes to support awakening out of the "dream of illusion". Black Tourmaline is a protector against negativity, darkness, and spells that have been casted negatively by returning the spell to its rightful owner. This stone is for grounding and is wonderful for the first chakra. When letting go the victim mentality, Black Tourmaline can help to increase wellness and help one to return to their center. It is said that putting this crystal on the base of the spine can help with low back pain. For health, Black Tourmaline is used for the treatment of arthritis, heart imbalances, anxiety, fear, dyslexia, and confusion, as well as stimulating and balancing for the adrenal glands. Let go and release fear and worry with this powerful stone. It is time to live the life of your dreams, and nothing can get in your way unless you allow it to.


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