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Crystal of the Month: Lepidolite...

Lepidolite is a purple, pink, yellow, grey, or white crystal that activates the heart, throat, and 3rd eye chakras. She is one of the best natural healers of loss of hope or loss of courage. Used for reproductive health, this amazing crystal helps with mood swings, stress, and depression.

Lepidolite is extremely grounding and intellectually stimulating at the same time. She helps bring harmony to the energy bodies, and is used for intuitive intelligence. Through the power of Love, Lepidolite brings out strengths, dissolves negativity, and enhances communication. This stone works as a beautiful bridge between the material world and higher consciousness. When using Lepidolite, we can strengthen our communication with the unseen world and our guides and personal angels. It is used in energy work, and in the treatment of reproductive organs, the liver, and the eyes. Some have reported that she even helps to shrink tumors. Overall, using Lepidolite in your healing practice will help enhance the benefits of other sources of work, while strengthening the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical frequencies at the same time. This is a wonderful crystal to hang out with all month long. In-Joy!


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