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Crystal of the Month: Peridot...

Peridot are beautiful green or yellow-green crystals that are found in the form of masses, prismatic crystals, and grains. They are used in regulating life cycles and in magnifying the destructive patterns in our lives in order to create positive change. Green is the color of the heart chakra and yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, and these crystals help to cleanse and activate the heart and solar plexus. They act as a shield of protection around the body and supports the cleansing and balancing of the entire chakra system.

Peridot are emotional supporters that help curb anger, jealousy, and a bruised ego. Physically, they are wonderful for toning and regenerating the entire body. Peridot have been known to help treat disharmonies in the lungs, intestines, heart, eyes, and spleen. Specifically connected to digestion, Peridot is great in helping to provide relief to ulcers or stomach/intestinal problems. They are also nice facilitators during birth to help stimulate contractions and the opening of the birthing canal. All in all, Peridot is a calming, compassionate, and pleasant friend that brings peace and warmth to the entire being and energetic space.

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