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Divine Spiritual Wisdom Quotes & Insights April 2021

Divine Plane:

Level of Thoughts, the Crown, and Higher Consciousness

"The brain has enough energy to take care of a whole continent. Create neurogenesis and avoid the body-mind decline. As you age, the brain collects plaque and shrinks. Naam massages the brain, and through the neurons, massages the entire being."

~ Dr. Levry

We have only been able to use about 10% of our brain capacity. This says a lot about what we need to learn about the brain and how the mind works. There are doorways in the mind that allow us to see and interact with worlds beyond what we see when we are awake. In order to preserve the function of the brain and strengthen it to be able to use more of it, we have to exercise it like we exercise our bodies. Sacred sound waves are extremely effective in keeping circulation and flow in the brain and in the mind.

Astral Plane:

Level of Emotions, the Heart, and the Unseen World.

"Spread love around. Uplift and lighten those around you. When all candles come together and they have light, and the room is bright. Open the heart and become a channel of love and light. Be a candle that burns for others, not self. A selfish candle is the light that only burns for self. All you need is one candle in a dark room."

~ Dr. Levry

When there is an internal understanding that we are all interconnected, the way we treat one another drastically changes. We have caused ourselves to separate from one another, and therefore disconnect to how our actions effect one another. As challenging as it is to look at life with eyes of truth, it is our journey to heal ourselves from the pain or trauma of the past. Once we have faced our own darkness, we then become more open to reach out and able to help others. This is the reason and purpose of having two hands. To heal the heart and to help others is what guides us to where we need to be and what we need to be doing. It is in our journey of healing and service that we find our true soul essence.

Physical Plane:

Level of Actions, the Abdomen, and the Physical Body.

"Use the middle path, and don't be extreme. Never say never. Stay away from gossip. Don't try to be holy, but instead try and be better and better every day."

~ Dr. Levry

Life is based on simple truths. When we keep things simple and moderate, then balance is easier to achieve. Balance keeps us healthy, strong, and positive. The good we feed ourselves in the forms of thought waves, e-motions, sound vibration, and nourishment has a ripple effect of goodness in our lives and our surroundings. Everything is connected, and when we feel free to be ourselves, all aspects of our lives become liberated as well. The most important thing is to keep one foot on the ground while allowing the self to reach toward the highest stars and beyond. We will never be too good to serve and give back to life. It's the exact opposite. The more we work on ourselves, the more we are able to serve others and the planet herself.


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