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Essence of the Week: Ancient Blend...

Ancient Blend is a combination of five certified organic “Sacred Scents” vibrating to RaMaDaSaSaSaySoHung healing frequency harmoniously for your highest and greatest good. This is a very powerful blend, and our only blend, and should always be used with consciousness and intention. Due to the power of the plant essences within Ancient Blend, please only apply “neat” (directly onto the skin) on the bottoms of the feet. You can put one drop (and up to five drops) of this blend onto the sole of each foot. Should you desire to put one drop onto the nape of the neck, please do a test patch first on your inner arm to see how your skin reacts to the power of the blend. If it’s too warm/sensitive to the skin, apply a nut oil (coconut, olive, avocado, grape seed, jojoba, hemp, etc.) to the area of concern to put out the effects of the blend. Listen to your heart and always anoint with reverence.

The story and history of where Ancient Blend first came from dates us all the way back to 1413 and the 15th Century Bubonic Plague . This virus spread all around rapidly, and once contracted, the sick would die. It was said that 150 million people died of this pandemic. There were four European men who were committed with stealing the jewelry, money, and goods from the sick and dead. These four men never contracted the plague or got sick, and the judge wanted to know how they were able to stay healthy and strong. Instead of being punished with a sentence of being burned alive, they were offered immunity if they shared their secret to health and vitality. The four “thieves” told the judge how they were perfume and spice merchants that lost everything they had when commerce and trade halted due to the plague, and they had prepared a blend that they put on their hands, ears, temples, feet, and masked over their mouths to protect them from the disease. As a trade for not being burned alive, they gave over the recipe to their essential oil blend. The judge did not have the men burned alive, like he said he wouldn’t, but instead had them hanged for their actions. From that point forward, all doctors wore this blend in the same way that the four men had taught them to, with a mask over their faces that looked like a bird beak, giving them the name “quack”.

The blend includes five plant teachers: Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. Combined, they have been researched to be highly anti-bacterial, anti- microbial, anti-septic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, boosting immunity and strengthening the body to fight the deadliest diseases on the planet.


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