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Essence of the Week: Black Pepper...

Black Pepper comes from the dried fruit of a perennial flowering vine in Sri Lanka. She has a rich history of healing benefits from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Roman trade routes to power wars during the Middle Ages. Black Peppercorns were once worth more than silver in weight.

Black Pepper is an anti-viral immune booster that is good for the common cold, flu, and body infections. She helps to clean the blood, clear stomach imbalances, and help support the liver and the pancreas. Black Pepper is wonderful for pain in the body, muscle aches, and arthritic or rheumatic conditions. She helps warm the chi, stimulate the kidneys, and help with frigidity and impotence. This amazing medicine is for mental clarity and can help ward away insects.

Energetically, Black Pepper dispels negativity, banishes evil, and helps to protect one from darkness. She is an energetic empowerment tool, helping with courage and self-worth, and supporting one in doing the very best they can in all aspects of life.


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