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Essence of the Week: Blue Hemlock Spruce

Blue Hemlock Spruce is a conifer tree that grows for 800-1000 years or longer. They are considered the great grandmothers of the forest. Natives used these trees as medicine and shelter, they have been written about since the cave man days, and they are utilized by just about every tribe of peoples on the Earth.

Blue Hemlock Spruce is great for the immune system, helping to fight the common cold, flu, and in fighting foreign microbes. She is wonderful for muscles aches and pains and is used world-wide for arthritis and rheumatism. She opens the lungs and helps the respiratory system and a cough, bronchitis, and asthma. Blue Hemlock Spruce is good for the skin and is an overall tonic for the body.

Energetically, Blue Hemlock Spruce tree is great for stress, anxiety, fear, or mistrust. She is both grounding and elevating, and helps teach stability and dependability. Working with this grandmother tree, we can help heal issues with commitment. She teaches that rooting in deep through commitment ultimately supports our freedom in the long run. Blue Hemlock Spruce is the medicine for self-confidence and expansion. She is an ally in the process of embodying a Loving and trusting foundation to grow from.


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