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Essence of the Week: Buddha Wood

Buddha Wood non-sprayed steam-distilled heartwood and bark from Australia comes from a small native tree that is also known as Australian Desert Rosewood and False Sandalwood. Aborigines have used her for immune support and pain from injuries or wounds.

Buddha Wood is anti-viral and helpful in calming a fever and fighting infections. For the organs, she supports kidney and pancreas function, promotes bile release, and acts as a natural diuretic. Buddha Wood is very calming and soothes pain, relaxes spasms in muscles, and helps arthritis and rheumatism. For the skin, Buddha Wood is good for acne and rashes and promotes hair growth. She is a natural insecticide, and is medicine for staph infections, candida, salmonella, and wounds.

Energetically, Buddha Wood is a meditative guide that supports letting go of stress. That is why she was named Buddha. She is great for focus, inner strength, and coming back into one's personal power. When dealing with grief, sorrow, or loss, Buddha Wood is grounding and calming. She helps to create space for peace in order to feel whole again.


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