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Essence of the Week: Cassia

Cassia comes from an evergreen tree native to the lowlands of China. She is known as "the poor's man cinnamon". Chinese herbalist have shared that people from 2700 BC used Cassia for treating diarrhea, fevers, and reproductive disharmonies.

Cassia is anti-parasitic, anti-infectious, and an anti-coagulant. She helps with circulation and breathing as a heart and lung aid. Cassia helps with any intestinal issues and in balancing candida. For the reproductive system, she is wonderful for impotence, moon cycle harmony, and vaginitis. This plant teacher is hot, but on the bottoms of the feet she is very grounding and can help with insomnia.

Energetically, Cassia is an anti-depressant, helping one to move into gratitude and thankfulness. She addresses control issues and manipulation by helping one to align to the Divine Will. Cassia brings Truth and can help one to speak out in order to restore harmony and unite. She carries the energy of cooperation and appreciation.


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