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Essence of the Week: Davana

Davana is an annual, herbaceous, flowering plant from India. She is used in religious ceremonies and is highly revered as a sacred plant. Her Latin name "Pallens", means "becoming pale". She is known for her gifts of reproductive healing and as an aphrodisiac. Davana is the secret ingredient in the drink Snapple.

For the physical body, Davana is helpful for hormone balancing, ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, moon cycle regulation, and supporting a peaceful transition during menopause. She is wonderful for tight muscles, spasms, and helping to relax the body. Davana is anti-viral, opening the airways and acting as a decongestant and mucus cleanser during the common cold or flu. She is great for the skin, wound healing, gout, and infections. Davana helps the body to rest and relax and can be anointed for insomnia.

Energetically, Davana is good for anxiety, stress, anger, and nervous tension. She supports a meditative mind and can help move blocked energy within. Wearing Davana will bring a peaceful ambience to the aura, nurturing authenticity, confidence, and optimism about one's journey and life path. When it is time to move past false limitations in order to claim the inner power of the heart, Davana is a great supporter and friend.


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