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Essence of the Week... Laurel Leaf

Laurel Leaf comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree that grows in Turkey, France, and other places around the world. Laurel has been used in cooking for years, and was considered a sacred herb in the Middle Ages. The Greeks wore Laurel Leaves around their heads as a sign of merit or reward, and she was anointed onto men in battle for courage and cleanliness.

Laurel Leaf is a natural pain reliever and nerve repairer. She is wonderful for the common cold, flu, virus', and parasites. Laurel Leaf is a digestive stimulant, helping with loss of appetite, gas, and dyspepsia. This amazing plant supports liver and kidney health as well. She is also wonderful for the lungs, circulation, and mental clarity. Laurel Leaf supports the lymph and can be used as a diuretic, helping to balance the water body.

Energetically, Laurel Leaf promotes self-esteem and self-Love. She is a cheerleader for courage, enhancing one's inner strength to live in Truth and integrity with the heart. Laurel Leaf teaches to not rest on one's laurels, meaning to have the courage to do that which is hardest in life. With confidence and the grace of the Divine supporting you in every step, Laurel Leaf brings the energetic support in helping one overcome their greatest challenges.

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