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Essence of the Week: Lavandin Grosso

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Lavandin Grosso is a hybrid plant from the cross-pollination of a True Lavender and a Spike Lavender. Out of the different varieties of Lavandin, the Grosso type is the most popular. Lavenders have always been popular throughout history as both a perfume and cleansing medicine to protect the body from harmful microbes.

Lavandin Grosso is a powerful flower that grows abundantly at lower altitudes, therefore supporting the physical body and creating peace and harmony on the physical plane. Her Lavender color indicates that she is supporting a higher consciousness and the ascension beyond the physical limitations of the mind and body.

Lavandin Grosso is amazing for the skin as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-burn medicine. She strengthens the immune system against the common cold, flu, and sinus infections. Lavandin Grosso is a respiratory aid that is also wonderful for the heart. She is also a "go-to" for pain, cramps, and arthritic conditions.

Energetically, this beautiful hybrid flower is a good friend in times of stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. She helps to support a mind-body connection, by helping one to let go of the perceived "struggle" on the physical plane in order to elevate above it. By lightening up, one is able to connect back to the inner child that delights in play, fun, and the purity and innocence of the heart.

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