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Essence of the Week: Lavandin, Super

Lavandin, Super is a hybrid of two Lavender plants - True Lavender crossed by Spike Lavender. She has evolved naturally in Spain, Italy, and France. Lavandin plants tend to be taller and bigger than the traditional Lavender plant. However, each plant is sterile. They were created in nature through natural pollination by bees and can only live as one generation.

Lavandin, Super is anti-fungal and supports a strong immune response. She is a heart tonic and helps with palpitations, circulation, and soothing stress. A natural muscle relaxer, Lavandin, Super is nice to use at night to promote sleep and when experiencing cramps, soreness, or injuries. She is the best remedy for a burn and is very healing for the skin and warts, infections, bruises, and infections.

For the emotions, Lavandin, Super is an anti-depressant and good for fear, anxiety, nervousness, and stress. She promotes peace, an end to the struggle, and bringing out one's inner child. Let go and renew your soul with Lavandin, Super.

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