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Essence of the Week: Leleshwa

Leleshwa is an African Sage shrub from Kenya that comes from the Latin word meaning "Funeral Flower". She is a teacher of restored innocence and a plant-soul connection to the spirits that inhabit any given space.

Leleshwa is an anti-septic skin healer. She is the powerful bush that African wildlife rubs up against to help heal wounds, bites, burns, and bugs bites. Leleshwa is an active leaf essence for staph infections, candida, and chilblains. She is a wonderful lung aid, helping asthma, bronchitis, and sinus congestion. Leleshwa calms the nervous system and soothes sore muscles. She is great for headaches, blood circulation, and digestion. As an anti-fungal medicine, she works well on toe fungus and Athlete's Foot. She is also used for warts, psoriasis, and hemorrhoids. Turn to Leleshwa when there have been agitations that cause painful irritations inside or outside of the body.

On an energy level, Leleshwa is a great travel partner. Leleshwa helps one to harmonize with the spirits in a new country or city one travels to. She helps with anxiety, stress, un-forgiveness, and old anger. Leleshwa encourages the soul to stop reacting in order to embrace a higher, more heart-expanding perspective. When you need an ally to help support you in letting go of negativity, darkness, or the lower self in order to become a more compassionate and Loving being, work with this beautiful Kenyan Queen. Leleshwa is the teacher of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.


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