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Essence of the Week...Niaouli MQV

Niaouli MQV is an evergreen tree from Australia with leaves that are used for medicine. As an essential oil, Niaouli MQV has been used since 1906. She is known to be one of the most powerful healing agents for just about everything in the body.

Niaouli MQV is a natural pain reliever and arthritic supporter. She is an immune system booster that can be used for virus', cold, flu, fevers, swollen glands, mumps, or small pox. As a digestive aid, Niaouli MQV eliminates worms, gas, diarrhea, and helps with a sluggish liver and even food poisoning. She is excellent for the lungs and asthma, a chronic cough, bronchitis, TB, and pneumonia. Niaouli MQV is also great for the skin. She is used for acne, boils, infectious bites, wrinkles, fungal infection, ulcers, and even gangrene.

Emotionally, Niaouli MQV is a friend who helps one to let go of the struggle. She teaches that none of us ever have everything, but each of us is blessed with something. It is important to focus on the good and cherish the sweet and tender moment that life presents. When you are ready to end the power struggle and surrender to the Loving abundance that is available to all beings, this Divine energy can support a positive transition to a higher frequency.

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