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Essence of the Week...Palmarosa

Palmarosa is a herbaceous grass from India that is part of the Lemongrass Family. She has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat respiratory imbalances, jaundice, and fevers. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Palmarosa is used to promote the natural moistening and cooling activities in the body that manifest as imbalances like inflammation and arthritis.

Palmarosa is a natural digestive tonic that protects and treats intestinal infections. She is wonderful for the heart and circulation as a vascular dilator. For the reproductive organs, Palmarosa can be used during labor as a uterine tonic, and also for yeast infections, bladder infections, and inflammation of the urogenital area. She is a thyroid harmonizer that fights viral infections. Palmarosa is wonderful for the lungs, sinus', ear-nose-throat, and a sore throat. For the skin, this amazing plant is a powerful healer. She helps with acne, wrinkles, scars, eczema, skin regeneration, and balancing the oil/dryness.

Palmarosa warms a cold heart. She is a strong supporter in strengthening our abilities in thinking outside of the box, letting go of attachments, and finding the humor and the "Light" side of life. When you feel that your beliefs, environment, or situation is limiting you, Palmarosa can be used to help go far beyond those mental, spiritual, and emotional limitations that go on to manifest physical limitations. The grasses support going with the flow, not being attached, and the ability to shift and change with ease and grace.


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