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Essence of the Week: Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit is an edible fruit from an evergreen tree in the US. Some call her the "forbidden fruit" from the "Tree of Good and Evil" in Eden, while others know her as a connection to Buddha, good health, and wellbeing.

Pink Grapefruit is wonderful for cleansing the body, detoxifying the lymphatic system, releasing excess water, and in drug withdrawal. She promotes circulation and helps the body fight septic conditions. Pink Grapefruit helps the flu, cold, chills, and obesity. She is a digestive supporter, natural disinfectant, liver tonic, and gallbladder stimulant. This amazing fruit essence helps with jet lag, fatigue muscles, and PMS symptoms. She is great for the skin as a tonic, is a natural anti-fungal, helps acne, promotes hair growth, and works on cellulite. Pink Grapefruit is also used for the nervous system and headaches.

Energetically, she is a powerful anti-depressant. Pink Grapefruit helps to instill confidence and optimism, while helping one to see the bigger pictures. Bring in the power of Hope and courage with Pink Grapefruit.

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