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Essence of the Week: Plai

Plai is a powerful root from the Ginger family that is used by humans all over the world for digestion and pain. This amazing rhizome from Indonesia is also used in childbirth to help the uterus to heal after the baby is born.

Plai is a natural medicine that keeps the immune system strong. She is good for chronic colds, bronchial infections, and the flu. Plai is a digestive healer that supports colitis, gastro-intestinal infections, nausea, and gas. She is a natural pain reliever and helps to heal sprains, strains, spasms, and arthritic conditions. As a chi warmer, Plai naturally balances frigidity and supports circulation. She is wonderful for menstrual cramps and uterine health, and has been made into a compress to help post-partum fever.

Energetically, Plai helps one to root into the spirit of living life to its fullest, while extracting the blessings out of the greatest challenges one can face. By steering away from resentment and self-pity, it is possible to let go of the darkness and awaken to the inner Light of destiny. Plai helps to warm the heart away from bitterness and into Divine Love. Work with Plai to get to the root of your happiness and manifest the life you have always wanted to live.

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