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Essence of the Week Talk: Wild White Mugwort

Wild White Mugwort is a perennial shrub that grows in the grassy plains of the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. With over 500 species of Artemisia, Herba-Alba means "white herb" in Latin. She has been used in folk medicine by many cultures since antiquity.

White Mugwort is anti-parasitic and wonderful for digestive issues. She is the pain-relieving queen, supporting healthy muscles, joints, and tissues. White Mugwort is a moon cycle stimulator and uterine tonic. She is wonderful for brain issues, lung congestion, and relaxation.

Energetically, White Mugwort is a dream enhancer. She brings out the lunar blessings of creation and supports shifts out of blocked energy and into the flow. When you are ready to connect with your inner Divinity, call in White Mugwort to open the third eye and guide the way.


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