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Essence of the Week: Thyme Borneol...

Thyme Borneol is an aromatic perennial shrub used in cooking, medicine, and as a natural preservative in the food industry. She thrives in the Mediterranean climate, and ours is from Morocco.

Thyme Borneol is a natural immune system booster. She is anti-viral and supports auto-immune afflictions. For the lungs, Thyme Borneol supports detoxification, bronchitis, TB, and sinus infections. She is great for the heart, circulation, and blood pressure. Thyme Borneol is good for the urinary tract and reproductive organs. She helps promote the moon cycle, helps to speed up labor, and helps with impotence and frigidity. For the soft tissue, this amazing plant is wonderful for joint disease and pain.

Energetically, Thyme Borneol is an uplifter. She is good for depression and mental blocks that are in the way of one's joy. If there are traumatic memories, she brings the energy of courage and truth to move past the darkness. This empowering plant teacher helps one to connect to the Fairy Kingdom, invoking support and Love to guide through any situation or challenge that life may bring.

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