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Essence of the Week: True Eucalyptus

True Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree from Australia. The leaves are steam-distilled for medicine. Australian aborigines have used her to heal wounds, work on fungal infections, for muscle pain, and to help reduce a fever. The word "Eucalyptus" means "well" and "covered" in Greek.

True Eucalyptus is anti-viral and great for a cold, flu, fever, and sore throat. She relaxes the muscles and is great for the joints and arthritis and rheumatism. Sciatica and other nervous system disharmonies like neuralgia and headaches are also addressed by her. For the sinus', True Eucalyptus supports the clearing of the lungs and helps a cough, asthma, and other bronchial ailments. The entire Eucalyptus family is wonderful for the reproductive organs as well. True Eucalyptus is good for cystitis, yeast infections, and endometriosis.

Energetically, True Eucalyptus helps bring in the embodiment of living one's truth. She brings the Earth support and foundation to rise to new heights. Releasing negativity, confusion, and agitations, this amazing healer opens the being to flow with life joyfully and freely with an open heart.

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