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Essence Protocol of the Week: Excretory System & The Urinary Tract...

The month of April is ruled by Uranus, and it has us highlighting the Excretory System. This particular system of the body works to support the body in removing metabolic wastes and toxins. The organs of the Excretory System that we are focused on are the kidneys, liver, bladder, and urinary tract. This week, we are highlighting the bladder, and three essences that we suggest for urinary tract health are Moroccan Thyme, Oregano, and Australian Sandalwood.

Urinary Tract Infections develop when microbes enter the urinary tract and cause infections. These microbes are usually bacteria, although there are sometimes fungi present. The E. coli bacteria is the most common cause due to the rectum being so close to the urethra. The effects on the body are pain or burning when urinating, frequent urination, and bloody urine. Energetically, Urinary Tract infections come when we are extremely pissed off or angry. The Urinary Tract is affected after it has passed through the bladder, so this is a manifestation of something lingering that has penetrated much deeper. When we resolve things as they arise, they don't have to go in so deeply. When they are not addressed, they find their way all the way up into the urinary tract, which is the deepest manifestation of our inner anger.

Moroccan Thyme is our connection to the fairy kingdom. She is associated with sweetness. Moroccan Thyme contains the chemistry to have the power to help bacterial and fungal infections. She is used to disinfect the urine and help increase urine flow as an anti-viral and anti-parasitic medicine. Energetically, she helps resolve problems that stem from lack, feeling safe, and experiencing trauma. Oregano is recommended by Herbalists to treat urinary infections. She is known to be stronger than antibiotics in fighting against bacterial and fungal infections. Oregano is knowns to be a urinary anti-septic that works on the energetics of blame in order for one to be the change they wish to see in the world. A greater healing perspective supports emotional harmony and balance. Finally, Australian Sandalwood has been known to be very effective for cystitis and other urinary tract infections. She is anti-septic and known to have the strength to help the body flush out dangerous toxins through the urinary tract. Australian Sandalwood has been used to treat bladder infections, kidney infections, UTI's, and water retention. Energetically, she helps one to be who they are, let go of what other's think or say, along with their own inner criticism. Together, these three essences support urinary tract health and harmony.

It is best to use essences for one month for every year you have had the symptoms that are being treated. In general, for the average adult weight and height, five to ten drops "neat" on the skin is enough to start anointing each essence 2-3 times a day. Always do a test patch on the inner arm to make sure that the essences are not too powerful to anoint "neat" on your skin. If they bring up a healing response, then use the bottoms of the feet to anoint, and meditate on what is coming up and out emotionally for healing. Oregano is VERY HOT, therefore, please only anoint her onto the bottoms of the feet "neat". For urinary tract healing, it is nice to anoint over the lower abdomen, above the pubic bone. Moroccan Thyme and Australian Sandalwood essences can be used safely to anoint onto the lower abdomen as well as into a hot tea or glass of water by adding a few drops. Drinking these will support the urinary tract in healing on all levels. The urinary tract benefits greatly from both the internal and external use of plant medicine. Use intuition to guide the way, and remember that less is always more.


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