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Falling Out of Ancestral Patterns...

This Fall Season brings balance and grace,

It's time to reflect the self-Love headspace.

Watching the leaves fall to the ground,

Working to help old stories turn around.

A season of forgiveness and letting go,

Allowing self-Love to root and to grow.

Listening to the wind blow old stories,

Releasing past beliefs into new territories.

Echos of all the truths that once were,

Learning from events that really did occur.

Accepting the Truth, no matter how hard,

Receiving the good to let the rest discard.

Observing the patterns this life presents,

Letting go of feelings that the heart resents.

Not turning away from Loving the Self,

The pain can no longer be put on the shelf.

Dealing with Truth and laying it out,

No reason to yell, no reason to shout.

Just shifting the energy so it can flow,

Studying the Self in order to know.

Going inside where the true work begins,

A target just missed is reflected by sins.

Each season to gain so much deep insight,

Willing to face Truth without any fight.

The ancestors breathe through every cell,

This life is here to learn, grow, and propel.

Falling away from limitations to excel,

Higher and higher up the cosmic stairwell.

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