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Fire & Water Balance In Love...

On this very powerful 33rd Venus week of the year, we have officially entered the Lion's Gate Portal, when the Sun in Leo aligns to the star Sirius (known as the "Spiritual Sun"), and they both move the closest to the Earth that they have been all year, and in alignment with Orion's belt. This alignment is meant to help us expand our inner vision into positive changes. The Lion's Gate Portal is open between July 28th and August 12th, but the big activation date is 8-8 every year. This week may have brought in shocking news or information that resonates as powerful Truth to push you forward into a new direction. However the changes come in, they tend to stretch us into cultivating more inner strength and realizing that we have the power to rise above any and all challenges. Once the winds of change settle in, there are options on how we choose to act or react. On this Venus week of the year, we have the power of harmony and balance leading the way. This means recognizing the good and the not so good. Truth requires a commitment of 'keeping it real'.

The topic of "Toxic Positivity" has crossed our paths several times in the past month. We teach the tools that help us to see the very best in every situation, but this doesn't mean that we believe anyone should deny their feelings. Understanding that our feelings are a result of a reaction to one of our five senses, we can see how temporary and specific they are. They come up, we deal with them, and then we let them go. Denying our feelings is the fastest way to create more stress and more problems. Whatever we don't address now, we are pushing into our future. It is also not honoring who we are when we 'fake' being calm in a stressful situation. Being authentic has scientifically proven to result in better health, more happiness, and better quality of relationships. A person with 'good vibes' is coined that term because they are real, and they also are not dwelling in the 'basement of life'. People that we enjoy being around have the capacity to feel what they feel without projecting negativity onto everyone and everything around them. In order to be able to connect with the world around us, we have to be able to relate to it. Seeing life as a perfect place where nothing bothers us and everything is wonderful, is not honest. In the same sense, only allowing people around us that avoid negativity, is going to attract more superficial energies to come in.

Being healthy and happy comes in balance. This means that the fire and the water in us is dancing harmoniously. There are good times, and there are challenging times, but we never let either take us out of our center. The center of it all comes in self-Love. When you Love yourself enough, you don't have to fake being anything. When you Love yourself enough, you don't allow yourself to dwell in any one feeling for too long. This time of year's Lion's Gate energy is centered around expression. How are you expressing your Light both inwardly and outwardly? You can tap into the courage and strength of Leo's Lion vibration to be yourself. This is the time of year that we are able to go through an upgrade. What outdated ways of thinking and living are we ready to rise above and move beyond? Nothing and no one can keep us in one state of consciousness longer than we allow it or them to. Tap in to intuitive guidance and direction, and shut out the chatter and noise of what dwells on the outside. Each of us 'knows that we know' what is right inside. It is up to us to either follow that or follow another path - directed by something on the outside. Be real, express, and follow the Love of honoring the heart. The time has come to reinvent our happiness again, based on authenticity and purity of heart and soul. Cultivate that 'Lion's Heart of Courage' and GO FOR IT!

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