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Full Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

There is a story about a bird being safe in its nest, but by not using its wings, it never lives its purpose. This bird was at ease, but never truly happy. There is always a "safe" way of living, but is it truly fulfilling for any of us? We hold visions in our hearts of the dreams we wish to create, and we learn to let go of the false self as we grow to understand who we really are. Perhaps those visions are a bit more refined now, but allowing the inner child to play, dance, and celebrate in this lifetime by giving it a voice and a platform to create is our destiny. Whatever has happened in the past is the past. It happened for all of the wonderful reasons why it did. It is a Full Moon once again and the energies have been building in order for this powerful eclipse to support a break away from an old and limited reality.

This Full Moon is a Beaver Full Moon, and the Beaver totem promotes living one's dream through positive action. This powerful eclipse is an opportunity to bury the past with Love and move forward with gratitude and peace. Taurus is the ruling sign, and the energies of the bull have been building in order for this transformational eclipse to support a break away from a limited reality.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse focuses on Truth, Faith, and our greater purpose. It kicks off a two week period of letting go of inauthentic relationships, fear of living one's Truth, and the need for outer approval or guidance. The Moon affects the subconscious mind and our inner compass that guides us toward our good in health, happiness, and success. This week, tap into the creative power of the imagination for healing and expansion. Breathe through this full moon eclipse cycle and observe yourself, your life, and what releases from your reality. The Universe is always conspiring for the greatest and highest good. Trust, surrender, let go, and dream BIG!

Change may pull us out of the comfort zone, but once we are out, we will wonder why it took so long to take the leap of faith out. Faith is a window into the magic and miracle of this amazing life. Have Faith and Co-Create the Magic of This Reality!

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