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Guided Forward In Love...

Quiet the noise and close the doors,

It's time to address what others ignore.

A time to go inward for solitude,

Praising the blessings in gratitude.

The inner conversation sets the stage,

The chapter continues on the next page.

A pause and a moment to reflect,

Letting go as to not expect.

Every situation has a meaning,

A lesson appears for intervening.

A path that's guided and protected,

Reminding us that we are connected.

Waking up the inner sleeper,

Raising consciousness to go much deeper.

The Hermit inside becomes enlightened,

Choosing Love over being frightened.

Listening and learning every lesson,

Taking a turn in a new direction.

Only by following the inner Light,

Are we capable of creating day from night,

Seeing goodness clear in sight,

Another step forward to unite.

Choosing the path onward and up,

From an empty one, to a full cup.

The way of the humble and wise student,

Is to be sensible and to be prudent.

Not projecting anything onto others,

Seeing humanity as our brothers.

Willing to let go of all perfection,

In order to go in the right direction.

Enjoying the simple things each day,

A smile, a hug, or a nice thing to say.

It's in simplicity that we find the Divine,

Being respectful and being kind.

At the end of the day it's Love that matters,

All the way up the forgiveness ladder.

The way to Love is simple and sweet,

It's a riddle, a dance, or a groovy beat.

Keep it Light and make it neat,

Destiny is forward, so move those feet!

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