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Inner Light Reflects The Choice...

Summer is here and July brings us gifts of spiritual expansion, inspiration, and even overseas travel. Jupiter is retrograde, and it is also the 27th week of the year, and "The Hermit" comes back to remind us of the power of the Light that shines within. There are two energetic chakras that represent the Sun or Light within - the Heart and the Solar Plexus. With Love and Will Power, we are truly capable of manifesting all of our dreams. For this year's Independence Day, let go of the dependence on outer forces for happiness. It's time to strengthen the inner dependence and interdependence to all forms of life that exists. It is in our connection to each other through the power of the Love in our hearts that we can expand to greater realms of existence.

The first seven minutes of every day hold a lot of spiritual power when cultivated for the highest good. When our eyes open and we welcome in a new day in the morning, why not start it with gratitude and a positive attitude? First, we acknowledge the fact that another day of life has been provided, and another opportunity to have an amazing day is available to manifest. Secondly, we claim it. By saying, "Today is the best day ever!", we are telling the Universe that we are ready to create a great day. Thirdly, we visualize the day ahead, creating in the mind exactly what we wish to accomplish in that day, and seeing it all happen with ease and grace. No one else in the world is going to create an amazing day for any of us. We have to claim it, see it, and create it. The final step is choosing to have a good attitude about everything that unfolds in the day. No, there is no such thing as a perfect life. Remember that our challenges are Divine gifts that cause us to create positive change. Therefore, we have to accept the challenges as they come for what they are, while maintaining a calm and cool atmosphere inside. There is no one that can stand in the way of someone with a positive mental attitude, and there is no one that can help the one with a bad attitude. We hold both the lock and the key to unfolding our greatest and highest good in our health, happiness, relationships, and career.

This week we can tap into our inner "Hermit" and reflect on the spiritual journey that has brought us to where we are today. The waning moon supports another layer of forgiveness, release, and inner cleansing in order to continue to move into a positive direction. The difference between successful people and others comes in the ability to move past the hurdles that life brings us to jump over. Those who continue to hold on, blame, and carry the negativity of the past, continue to live there... in the past. Those who are able to receive the lesson of the given situation, forgive, and move past it without continuing to look backward, are much more happy, healthy, and successful. What we behold, we become. This is our Spiritual Diet. We eat plant-based, wear natural fibers, and purchase materials that are sustainable and free-trade. These are the things we can see, feel, touch, and experience with all of our senses. Our thoughts and feelings, on the other hand, are unseen, and therefore they are easier to ignore or put aside. What we can't see is much more powerful than what we can see. This is apparent in the fact that even though we cannot see our thoughts, feelings, and organs, how we think, feel, and function controls and impacts everything we do and everything we experience. When we want to create positive change, it has to happen in our inner world first. We get to choose the thoughts we want to accept as our reality, we get to choose the attitude that we bring to every moment of our lives, and we get to choose what we put into or onto our bodies. These choices give us the reality we see in front of us. What kind of reality are you choosing, and is it the one you truly want? We support letting go of those heavy burdens in order to remember how Light we can be. It is really not worth the weight, and life is so much brighter without it. Choose Love and let the rest go. It's time to create the life of our dreams. As each of us chooses a higher frequency to exist in, more and more beings are be inspired to do the same. Small changes create big changes. Allow this waning moon to support the release of what is not serving the path on the destiny ahead.

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