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Inspirational Story of the Week: CNN HERO AWARD For Transforming Lives On City Streets

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If you walked into Tyrique’s community center on Taney Street in South Philadelphia, you’d see a kind man devoting his working hours everyday to supporting the children of his neighborhood.

What you wouldn’t see is the long, hard, and tragic road Tyrique Glasgow took to arrive there, through a life of drug-dealing, crime, prison, and accumulating 11 gunshot wounds.

“When you run a block, like, you are the face. You’re the one who that community of people know. You set rules and boundaries,” Glasgow, now 39, told CNN. “It’s a dangerous life, but it’s a normal life.”

“I got tired of my community following me in a negative direction and I wanted them to follow me in a positive direction,” he said. “The kids really gave me a purpose.”

Today, Glasgow is up for a CNN Hero award. He runs the community center out of a building he used to use for drug-dealing, and which now gives children a safe place to enjoy summer camps, after school activities, or just play and get away from the violence and despair that has become all too common in the area.