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Inspirational Story of the Week: Saving Millions of Sharks from Fishing Hooks...

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Millions of sharks could be saved from being caught on fishing hooks with a recent invention that acts like a car’s hazard lights.

Called SharkGuard, the device fits onto the longlines used by fishermen and creates an electrical field around a baited hook, which sharks and rays pick up with their electroreceptors.

Tests have shown that it can reduce the bycatch of these animals by 91% for sharks and 71% for rays.

Sharks often don’t get the conservation attention they deserve due to their rare but occasional penchant for nibbling on swimmers. The inventors say this technology could reverse the dramatic decline of endangered sharks around the world.

“The main implication is that commercial longline fishing may continue, but it won’t always necessarily result in the mass bycatch of sharks and rays,” said Dr. Robert Enever of the conservation company Fishtek Marine, producers of SharkGuard.

Longline tuna fishing is the number-one threat for sharks living in the open ocean.