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Josh's Corner - Embrace Your Balance...

“New Year, New You”, is the old saying. So what does this really mean? In a year filled with chaos and beauty, turmoil and tribulations, humanity has received a healthy dose of cosmic reality. Yes, it is true that may of us have gotten a taste before, but nothing quite like this. We are being called to the doorsteps of universality and perseverance. We stand at a crossroads in consciousness. Our ancestors are watching and cheering for Love...

So, who will you be?

Have you noticed that the ‘here and now’ you is different than you used to be. Is this updated version of you ready for all of what life is serving up? The tasks at hand are fairly simple and occasionally complex. The birthing of your new-self is mostly about harmonizing with intuition, trusting it and taking action. All have had the voice of reason on our shoulders for our entire life, sometimes we chose not to listen. However, true-self knows that life on earth is simultaneously unbearably beautiful and refreshingly shocking. How one flows with the waves of energy in motion is ultimately the manifestation and perception of our reality. Since everything is energy we must be willing to learn how to harness and release our energies in a productive way for ourselves and others. Should you find yourself out of harmony, simply slow down, prolong your breath intervals and give service to those/that who need it.

Remember that you are the balance and harmony you seek for a brighter today, tomorrow and beyond!



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