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Joshua's Corner: Enough For All

The truth and reality is that there has always been more than enough resources for all humans, when properly managed. The saying from the late Mahatma Gandhi, “the earth provides enough for every man’s need, but not for man’s greed” speaks to the heart. The research has been proven and shown time and time again how to live with sustainable economic growth, healthy humans and ecologic prosperity. The science is clear. Heck, it’s even written in biblical passages telling humanity to utilize plants as our primary food resource. We are more than able to nurture and sustain a thriving environment for all life, also known as “stewardship”. The will to do so is the test each of us face every time we shop for or order foods and goods. Are we willing to look at life from a bigger perspective, placing the health of planet equal to our own? Are we ready for the positive change that this all encompassing choice will bring? Wherever we are at in the journey of life, make today the day we embrace sustainability and equanimity. Sincerely, and with no judgment, a whole food, Plant-Based life style is the choice we all must reach sooner or later.

Be well.


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