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Joshua's Corner: Hotel Earth...

When life is seemingly difficult, remember your birth. Birth is the first and one of the hardest tests of life. With the help of our mother, the Divine, a midwife, a doula, nurses, doctors and TIME, we arrive in this world completely vulnerable to the perils of the physical realm. And yet, we have managed, generation after generation, to reproduce the human concept. Yes, some have not survived the rough entry to earth, or are physically, emotionally or mentally challenged, and this is/was their "mission". As a human we have this ability to breath in and out consciously with trillions of other organisms on the planet. This is AMAZING! Be grateful that your body, mind and soul have the opportunity to experience this reality - at any capacity. Also, be aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions as they will guide you to your next lesson. Kindness breeds kindness. Love generates Love. Peace resounds Peace. Light your path with a smile. Be kind, loving and peaceful during your stay here on Hotel Earth.

Be Well Friends!


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